Michigan Works! Works for Talent

Michigan Works! assists job seekers in building their skills and connecting them to employers.

Michigan Works! Works for the future

Michigan Works! teaches young people how to be good employees and helps them develop the skills they’ll need for their future career.

Michigan Works! Works for Recruiting

Let Michigan Works! help find skilled talent for hard-to-fill positions, while reducing the expense and stress involved in hiring new employees.

Michigan Works! Works for Training

Michigan Works! offers scholarships for in-demand trainings for qualified jobseekers to help grow a skilled workforce.

Michigan Works! Works for our region

Michigan Works! is striving to strengthen our regional employers by enhancing the local workforce in Muskegon & Oceana Counties.

Michigan Works! Works for Employers

Michigan Works! assists employers in attracting and retaining a quality workforce.


Michigan Works! Muskegon-Oceana works for you. Find out how we can help you find your new career.

Michigan Works! Muskegon-Oceana works for training. Maybe nursing is more than you thought it was. Find out about the nursing field here.

Michigan Works! Muskegon-Oceana works for training. Check out these Mechanical Engineers. Maybe this is the field for you!

Michigan Works! Muskegon-Oceana works for training. Find out about the CNC field to see if it's right for you.


What is 2,431?

2,431 represents the number of jobs that Michigan Works! Muskegon-Oceana helped fill between October 1, 2013 and September 30, 2014.  We're pr...

Modern manufacturers connect with future employees at Tech Center

Today leaders from 18 local modern manufacturers connected with 130 students from the Muskegon Area Career Tech Center and other schools during the...

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ADAC Logo (2)

ADAC Automotive is a full-service automotive supplier, who has been designing and developing automotive products for over 35 years.  ADAC offers integrated solutions for every stage of the development process — from initial concept design and prototyping to product validation.  To meet their growing staffing needs, ADAC has used Michigan Works to post positions from entry level operations positions to more highly skilled positions such as maintenance or technical processing.  ADAC has used Michigan Works services to monitor job postings and collect applications, minimizing disruptions at their site.