Michigan Works! Works for Talent

Michigan Works! assists job seekers in building their skills and connecting them to employers.

Michigan Works! Works for the future

Michigan Works! teaches young people how to be good employees and helps them develop the skills they’ll need for their future career.

Michigan Works! Works for Recruiting

Let Michigan Works! help find skilled talent for hard-to-fill positions, while reducing the expense and stress involved in hiring new employees.

Michigan Works! Works for Training

Michigan Works! offers scholarships for in-demand trainings for qualified jobseekers to help grow a skilled workforce.

Michigan Works! Works for our region

Michigan Works! is striving to strengthen our regional employers by enhancing the local workforce in Muskegon & Oceana Counties.

Michigan Works! Works for Employers

Michigan Works! assists employers in attracting and retaining a quality workforce.


Michigan Works! Muskegon-Oceana works for area businesses. Learn about our work with Scherdel Sales & Technology.

Learn more about how Michigan Works! Muskegon-Oceana helped Max find a new career.

Michigan Works! Muskegon-Oceana works for training. Maybe nursing is more than you thought it was. Find out about the nursing field here.

Michigan Works! Muskegon-Oceana works for training. Check out these Mechanical Engineers. Maybe this is the field for you!

Michigan Works! Muskegon-Oceana works for training. Find out about the CNC field to see if it's right for you.


Spring/Summer 2014 Hot Jobs!

Our new Hot Jobs list has been released with even more features to keep you...

Unemployment Rate Drops

Great news for West Michigan!  Muskegon County's Unemployment rate has dropped to the lowest rate in six years.  This number reflects mor...

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 Scherdel S New - Blue

Scherdel Sales & Technology, Inc. is a global supplier to the automotive industry, specializing in technical springs and stampings.

As Scherdel continues to expand and grow their workforce and diversify technologies,