important facebook marketing metrics

Facebook can be a very important source of site traffic, but to take full advantage of it you need to understand its performance. But Facebook offers so much data that it can be hard to tease out what’s most important. This tutorial will go over the key metrics that a marketer should measure on.

Confused on which Facebook metrics your brand should track? Here’s our list of 11 important metrics every They don’t represent how successful your Facebook marketing efforts are compared to This is a Facebook metric that often goes overlooked by advertisers, but it’s very important.

Important Metrics for facebook organic posts. facebook ads are not the only way to reach your potential audience. You can also use free posts and The Rule of Seven in marketing states that "A person has to see your content 7 times before they take an action", so the more impressions your post.

5 Important Facebook Metrics Marketers should be tracking – Facebook metrics help in measuring and monitoring the real impact of your marketing efforts. It helps to create the strategy to run the campaigns and optimize them to obtain the desired results. In this post, I have put together five important Facebook metrics marketers should be tracking to boost the.

Remember "social reach" and "social impressions" from the earlier days of social media marketing? They’re among. to the deprecation of some existing metrics: An important change in nomenclature.

The 5 Most Important Social Media Metrics You Can Actually Measure | Two Minute Tuesdays Advertising effectiveness vs. efficiency: what is important? – Data-driven digital advertising, in particular, has been highly efficient at driving short-term metrics. and marketing officer at telecom giant BT, says it is vital to prioritise advertising.

Of all the video marketing metrics, view count is one of the most appealing because of how easy it is to measure. If you’re posting video content to Facebook or using video content on YouTube to drive traffic back to your site, clickthrough rate may be your most important metric.

The second most important metric is engagement. The more engaging content you publish, the more engaging your Facebook page will be. Simple, right? Well, not all marketers do follow and monitor engagement metrics, and some have no idea how fans engage with their brand.